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Juvenile law is a unique area of criminal law.  When minors are facing criminal charges, even for trivial offenses, an experienced attorney who knows the intricacies of juvenile law can provide the necessary advocacy and support.  Intervention is never more important than with Juvenile Offenders.

I am the most experienced juvenile law attorney in Madison County, Illinois.  I know the importance of an aggressive defense and can help not only the teen, but the parents navigate through the justice system.  I am conveniently located just minutes from Edwardsville and Belleville courthouses.  Call me at 618-344-4875 or contact me online for legal advice and support.
Protecting the Rights and Future of Youthful Offenders

As an experienced juvenile defense lawyer, I am focused on protecting the rights and future of a minor charged with a juvenile crime. While youthful offenders commit many of the same crimes as adults, juvenile cases can be addressed by either the juvenile courts or the criminal courts, depending on the age and severity of the crime. I can provide tough tactical representation in a full range of crimes committed by minors, such as:
  • Drug Possession
  • Robbery
  • Traffic Violations
  • Underage drinking
  • Shoplifting or theft
  • Weapons violations
  • Sexual assault
  • Other Juvenile Offenses

A Mistake Shouldn't Ruin a Child's Life

Minors are at a very vulnerable stage in their lives.  A juvenile conviction can cause the individual to continue on a downward path and commit more serious crimes in the future.  Justice is not served by locking teens up or giving them a permanent criminal record that will follow them through their lives.  I am dedicated to preserving the minor's interests so that he or she may live a productive life without future interaction with law enforcement or the criminal justice system.  If your minor child has been charged
with a juvenile crime, please contact my office to schedule a free consultation with an experienced juvenile lawyer.

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